ANU Climate Change Institute Event Podcasts and Videos

Thursday 14 December 2017

If you’ve missed any of the ANU climate talks this year or would like to listen to them again, check out the list below. You can also find slides of the relevant events under past events

Dispelling the Fog of War: Climate Change & International Security

9th November 2017

Climate change ramifications will imperil food and water security, leading to challenges for public health, economies and military operations. Dr Elizabeth Chalecki discussed security implications for Australia and the rest of the world.  Dr Albert Palazzo spoke of society’s potential to choose war in climate adaptation processes.

Adapting our cities to sea level rise: navigating the murky undercurrents

12th September 2017

Global sea levels are projected to rise up to 2.5 metres by 2100 if emissions aren’t reduced. New York’s recent Hurricane Sandy demonstrated how vulnerable and disproportionally exposed New York is to climate change impacts. Adam Parris, Science and Resilience Institute, gave insights to the region’s sea level rise adaptation plans. Sharon Pope addressed the adaptation plans of Lake Macquarie City Council.

Tracking Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions

23rd August 2017

How is Australia tracking greenhouse gas emissions? Rob Sturgiss from the department of Environment and Energy outlined how the government uses science to track Australia’s emissions in order to meet treaty commitments.

Mark Butler in conversation with Mark Howden VIDEO

27th July 2017

As global indecision about addressing climate change draws us perilously close to the point of no-return, Mark Butler, Labor’s shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy, makes a strong case for real action by using less and cleaner energy immediately. In this talk he draws on his latest book, Climate Wars

Climate change: A global science update

18th July 2017

Dr Valérie Masson-Delmotte gave an update on the latest climate science from the IPCC with highlights including temperature rise rates and the likelihood or frequency of extreme events such as heat waves or heavy rainfall events. A panel discussion with experts on marine ecosystems, sea level rise and health followed.

Climate adaptation: to transform or not transform. A salutary case study

30th May 2017

Transformational adaptation to climate change in agriculture is increasingly drawing attention but there have been few studies to date. Professor Mark Howden covers one longitudinal study about an agricultural company’s attempt at transformational adaptation and the ensuing difficult, complex, risky, costly and challenging barriers that were faced.

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