Climate Change Communication

Climate Change Communication

The Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science at ANU is one of the world’s leading centres for research and teaching in various aspects of the communication of science. As part of this, a dedicated team of scholars is conducting research on climate change communication. Projects include a focus on the history of climate communication (using both qualitative and quantitative research methods); examinations of the discourse between climate science and consumers of climate research; policy decision making processes regarding climate change; the teaching of climate change in school and informal learning contexts.

Selected research projects include:

  • Long Conversations, Climate Knowledge Exchange, Luke Menzies
  • Longitudinal science and society study: climate change communication and intersection with policy in Australia 1987 - 2001, Maria Taylor
  • A comparison of climate change communication on social media and news media, Emery Joseph
  • Mirror frames: Engagement on climate change in urban and rural populations, Jeff Rogers
  • Providing useable knowledge for decision making on climate adaptation issues, Seona Meharg.



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