Climate, water, energy, food nexus

Water and Climate

Food, energy, environment and water are critical systems to both people and landscapes. Too often decisions are made in one domain without consideration of the effects in another. This narrow focus imposes costs and risks on all, but especially on the vulnerable in poor countries. ANU researchers have been working on better cross-sectoral management of this nexus since 2007. Current work includes a focus on groundwater systems. ANU also hosts the secretariat for the global Food, Energy, Environment and Water Network (FE2W network).

The FE2W Network works with decision-makers to improve the understanding of systemic risks and how to manage shocks across these systems. Our approach is founded on collaboration and an emphasis on poverty reduction, sustainable livelihoods, and the need to maintain critical ecosystem services. We will engage with the people who make the decision from farmers to policy makers to consumers, and enable actions that result in improved long-term outcomes.

In the first phase of the Network’s operations is focussing on six regions: Colorado Basin (United States), Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna Basin (South Asia), Mekong Basin (South-East Asia), Murray-Darling Basin (Australia), Nile Basin (East Africa), and Volta Basin (West Africa).



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