Designing a house that absorbs carbon dioxide

To limit global warming to below 2oC, we must not only stop burning fossil fuels, we must also develop technologies that draw down atmospheric CO

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Designing a house that absorbs carbon dioxide

Helping reduce hunger in rural Papua New Guinea

In 2015 a major drought, followed by a significant frost, in the Eastern Highlands of Papua Guinea (PNG) led to food stress for much of the population.    Dr

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PNG Highlands children with one of the weather stations used in the research

The role of framing and message-tailoring in communicating climate change

Communicating climate change is a tricky business.

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The role of framing and message-tailoring in communicating climate change

How can we make our cities more climate friendly?

One researcher who’s working all out to win this battle is Professor Xuemei Bai of the ANU Fenner School of Environment & Society.  

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Professsor Xuemai Bai, winner of the 2018 Volvo Environment Prize

Who’ll pay for the losses and damages caused by climate change?

Unfortunately, it’s the poorer countries of the world, with the least financial resources, who tend to be most exposed to the damaging impacts of climate

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Melanie Pill has just been awarded a Climate Change Institute PhD supplementary scholarship.

Understanding societal attitudes to climate change and carbon dioxide removal

It’s well established that the earth’s climate is warming due to human activities.  Numerous studies have demonstrated the clear scientific consensus on this

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Yuanyuan Shang ANU Climate Change Institute Negative Emissions

The CCI provides authoritative leadership climate change research across a broad range of research themes.

Research on climate change at ANU covers the science of climate change and its effects on our biophysical environment, and its impacts on society and societal responses from different perspectives including economic, legal, sociological and political.

Research clusters

Dust storm worsened by climate change


Atmospheric research at ANU examines the physical and chemical processes of the atmosphere. Such research covers fundamental atmospheric processes including the...

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Biogeochemical cycles in the Himalayas

Biogeochemical cycles

The Biogeochemistry group at ANU explores the relationships between chemistry, biological and geochemical processes - with a focus on developing an understanding of...

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Climate change and the built environnment

Built environment

The impact of a changing climate on the built environment is an important consideration. In recent years, economic infrastructure has failed to withstand higher...

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Carbon cycle and climate change

Carbon cycle

The role of the terrestrial carbon cycle in the climate system is complex, with two-way flows of carbon between the land sector and atmosphere that both create...

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Climate & Security

Climate change will have major ramifications for international state and human security. It is already exacerbating tensions in areas of existing instability,...

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Climate change and renewable energy

Climate Change & Energy

Researchers on Climate Change and Energy are connected via the ANU Energy Change Institute (ECI).   The ECI aims to provide authoritative leadership in Energy Change...

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Climate Change Communication

Climate Change Communication

The Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science at ANU is one of the world’s leading centres for research and teaching in various aspects of the...

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Water and Climate

Climate, water, energy, food nexus

Food, energy, environment and water are critical systems to both people and landscapes. Too often decisions are made in one domain without consideration of the effects...

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Climate change and development

Development and Climate Change

The Asia-Pacific region is home to a majority of the world’s population and is without doubt the world’s engine of economic growth and transformation. China and India...

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Caring for our ecosystems and conserving biodiversity threatened by climate change and other environmental stress factors such as land clearing is a challenge facing...

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Forest fire worsened to climate change


Bushfires in Australia can create havoc. In the tragic Black Saturday fires in Victoria in 2009, 173 people died, and over 2000 houses were burned to the ground: this...

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Health and climate change

Health and Climate Change

Major areas of interest and on-going research themes in this field include: Population health risks due to climate change in Australia and elsewhere; empirical studies...

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Human ecology of climate change

Human ecology of climate change

Climate change is now posing significant risks for contemporary society, making the integration of human history and Earth’s environmental history a timely and...

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International climate change negotiations

The ANU hosts a number of respected and renowned researchers in the field of international climate change economics policy. This expertise ranges from PhD students...

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Climate law


The ANU College of Law through the Centre for Climate Law and Policy provide a broad spectrum of law topics related to climate and climate change from climate...

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Climate change is already changing the bioclimatic environment of species. In the future, climate change will have a huge impact on the World's biodiversity and could...

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Negative Emissions

With recent research highlighting that average global temperatures may exceed the 1.5oC target as quickly as 2026, it's becoming apparent that reducing our greenhouse...

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Coral reefs


ANU scientists working in Oceans and Climate Change work on understanding changes in ocean circulation, sea level, heat transport and the ocean carbon cycle. The ocean...

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Paleoclimate and climate change


An important factor in the ability to predict of our future climate is the reconstruction of past climates from records captured in caves, coral reefs, ocean sediments...

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Policy and governance and climate change

Policy and economics of climate change

Research into climate change economics and policy spans a number of schools at ANU including the Centre for Climate Economics and Policy (CCEP), an organised research...

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Transboundary resource management and climate change

Transboundary resource management

Scholars in the area of resource management at the ANU often work across state, territory and international boundaries. Cultural and natural resources often cross a...

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Climate change induced drought

Vulnerability and Adaptation to climate change

In any system, climate change adaptation strategies are developed in a context where policymakers need to respond to multiple pressures (economic, social and...

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Gathering water

Water, Ice and climate change

Proper water resource management and protection is a key challenge facing much of the world.  Climate change will continue to threaten this valuable resource through...

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