The resources page provides information relating to climate software and tools to help university practitioners in their project analysis. Some of these tools are provided free of charge while others require an upfront fee.

Climate and crop analysis

Fenner School of Environment and Society climate software packages:

The GROWEST program is a Fortran 90 program that calculates monthly and weekly plant growth indices, in point or grid form, from input climate data consisting of any combination of monthly averages, actual monthly values and actual weekly values. Output indices may be produced on a weekly or monthly time step.

ANUCLIM is a software package that enables users to obtain estimates, in point and grid form, of monthly, seasonal and annual mean climate variables from supplied climate surfaces.

The ANUSPLIN package provides a facility for transparent analysis and interpolation of noisy multi-variate data using thin plate smoothing splines, through comprehensive statistical analyses, data diagnostics and spatially distributed standard errors. It also supports flexible data input and surface interrogation procedures.

Global climate models

Giovanni MAIRS project is an online visualization and analysis tool supporting the MAIRS program with data acquired by NASA satellites and generated by numerical models. The first release of Giovanni MAIRS (mairs_monthly) contains selected monthly global products at reduced resolution (0.25o to 2.5o ).

Coordinated Regional Downscaling Experiment (CORDEX) is a World Climate Research Programme(WCRP) initiative to provide global coordination of regional climate downscaling for improved regional climate change adaptation and impact assessment.

Climate change adaptation tools

The ICLEI/Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network (ACCCRN) toolkit, referred to as the ICLEI ACCCRN Process or IAP (PDF, 7.8MB) enables local governments to assess their climate risks and vulnerabilities, and to formulate adaptive response plans accordingly.

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