Beyond tipping points: fire and the changing face of planet Earth.

Beyond tipping points: fire and the changing face of planet Earth

The scale and rate of global warming have been underestimated. In this public lecture, Dr Andrew Glikson discusses the migration of climate zones towards the poles and how this may lead to increased droughts and extensive fires in areas around the world, including Australia.
Smoke haze over Melbourne city.

Climate Update 2020 - Melbourne

An overview of how our climate is changing and how we can respond to these changes.

Research »

We analyse climate change's effects on our environment, and its impacts on society and societal responses.

Coal-fired power station

The end of coal-fired power can be managed or messy »

Coal is on the way out. The head of the world's largest coal export port says it needs to prepare for the day it will no longer be viable to send coal from Newcastle to the rest of the world. And there is no doubt coal will disappear from Australia’s energy system, too.
Professor Sotiris Vardoulakis

National approach “urgently needed’ for smoke pollution »

Experts are calling for an independent national expert committee on air pollution and health protection to be urgently established following the catastrophic bushfire season in Australia.

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