Trump digs coal

Overcoming fossil fuel resistance to climate action: Lessons from the US

Despite mounting evidence of a climate crisis, some fossil fuel industries continue to resist action. What can be done?

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We analyse climate change's effects on our environment, and its impacts on society and societal responses.

Ice flow adrift in Vincennes Bay in the Australian Antarctic Territory.   There are fears efforts to combat global warming will be undermined by double counting of carbon credits.  AAP Torsten Blackwood

Double counting of emissions cuts may undermine Paris climate deal »

In the four years since the Paris climate agreement was adopted, countries have debated the fine print of how emissions reduction should be tracked and reported. One critical detail is proving particularly hard to work out - and a weak result would threaten the environmental integrity of the entire deal.
Fairy wren.  Image: Richard Turner, ANU

Fairy-wrens change breeding habits in warmer weather »

Warmer temperatures linked to climate change are having a big impact on the breeding habits of one of Australia's most recognisable bird species, according to researchers at The Australian National University (ANU).

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