IPCC Special Report: Climate change & the ocean, ice and snow covered regions

An overview of the IPCC Special Report on the impacts of climate change on the ocean and the snow and ice covered regions of the world, including how people are affected and our options for adapting.

The ACT Government's new Climate Strategy: an overview and critique

An overview of the ACT's new climate strategy and living infrastructure plan, with expert commentary and audience Q&A

Research »

We analyse climate change's effects on our environment, and its impacts on society and societal responses.

ANU Climate Change Institute Director, Professor Mark Howeden

Climate Change Institute interview: Mark Howden »

Professor Mark Howden says it's time for farmers to think about the opportunities that adapting to climate change can bring.

Podcast: Food, farming, and climate change »

Policy Forum Pod takes a look at the recent IPCC report and find out what food-related industries, consumers, and governments can do to tackle the challenges presented by climate change.

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