About the Climate Change Institute

The goal of the ANU Climate Change Institute is to contribute to climate change solutions. We draw on the wealth of climate expertise at ANU and connect that expertise with governments, businesses, the media, the Canberra community and the general public. We’re focused on building and supporting a collaborative community of climate related researchers and teachers from every part of the university.

The Institute represents approximately 300 climate related researchers across ANU, including academics, visiting fellows / honorary roles and PhD students. We have a staff of five including our Director, Business Manager, Knowledge Exchange Specialist, Communications Manager and Administrator. We also have two additional staff members who are undertaking research roles supported by funding external to ANU.

The strategies we use to help develop climate change solutions are:

  • Develop research aimed at tackling critical climate change issues by initiating and supporting new interdisciplinary approaches.
  • Develop strategies to enhance uptake of our research across government and industry.
  • Provide policy-relevant advice to the Australian, ACT and other governments via briefings, advisory roles, seminars, roundtable discussions and policy submissions.
  • Communicate ANU climate related research via events, media relations and digital communications.
  • Build a collaborative community of climate change researchers and teachers across ANU.
  • Work with academics to develop innovative climate-oriented courses – at undergraduate, postgraduate and professional levels.