Dr Thong Tran

Visiting Fellow
Fenner School of Environment & Society
ANU College of Science

Thong Tran is a visiting fellow at Fenner School of Environment and Society, the ANU. He completed his doctoral research at this institution in July 2016. His research focuses on the implications of social learning for household and institutional adaptation in the context of flood governance in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta (VMD). Currently, he is a research fellow at Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore. He has been involved in delivering guest lectures to graduate and undergraduate students at the ANU and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He has also provided training workshops on using NVivo software for qualitative research at the ANU, National University of Singapore and other academic institutions in Vietnam. While at Fenner School, he provided NVivo tutorials to Fenner researchers and graduates who apply qualitative approaches for their research projects.

Thong Tran is also a researcher and lecturer of the Research Center for Rural Development (RCRD), An Giang University, Vietnam.

Research interests

Transboundary environmental governance, human-environment relations, social learning, rural adaptation, water governance, 'society-state' relations in natural resources management, Mekong region

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