‘No Vaccine Against Climate Change’: Red Cross Report Moves to Refocus Attention From Coronavirus

A person in full personal-protective-equipment leans into a car window to conduct a COVID-19 test swab.
18 November 2020

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has released a report insisting climate change is a bigger danger to humanity than the current Wuhan coronavirus pandemic.

IFRC Secretary-General Jagan Chapagain held a press conference this week saying, “Of course, the [coronavirus] is there, it affects our families, our friends, our parents and (…) this is a very, very serious crisis that the world is currently facing.”

He went on to add, “in our view, climate change will have a greater medium- and long-term impact on human life and the Earth,” Paris Match reports.

Since the start of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, around 1.32 million people have died of the virus or of complications caused by it.

“If we are lucky, we will have a vaccine against Covid next year and hopefully in a few years we should be able to manage the impact of Covid-19,” Chapagain said but claimed there was “no vaccine against climate change.”

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