“Yes we can”: Energy experts plot path to fossil-free grid

A flock of sheep grazing in a green pasture with over a dozen wind turbines on the horizon in the background
25 September 2020

Engaging with climate and energy policy in Australia can be bad for your neck. Either your head is in your hands as the latest political idiocy unfolds, or you suffer whiplash as you encounter smart concerned people who are dealing with real world issues.  It’s a long way from Angus Taylor’s grotesque display at the National Press Club on Tuesday to Thursday’s  public forum  “Australia: the global renewable energy pathfinder”, organised by the Energy Change Institute of Australian National University.

The contrast between the fantasy technologies and gassiness of the former, and the big-picture, but also intensely practical nature of the second could not be any more stark.

Moderated by the ANU’s Dr Liz Ratnam, and introduced by Prof Ken Baldwin, ECI Director , the seminar heard from five experts, followed by a Q and A.  The recording will be available in due course on ANU TV, and will be an invaluable resource for anyone interested in what is being done, and can be done to secure energy and electricity supplies for Australia’s future in ways which accept the reality of climate change and the need to do something (or rather, everything) about it.

Read the full article on the Renew Economy website, featuring Dr Liz Ratnam, Prof Ken Baldwin, Prof Andrew Blakers, and Assoc Prof Matt Stocks