The 2020 Budget has been touted for young Australians, but students say one crucial thing is missing

Climate activist Ella Avni, 17, standing looking at the camera and smiling, with the ocean in the background.
10 October 2020

The federal budget has been touted as one for young Australians, with $1.2 billion going towards creating new apprenticeships and traineeships, while the new JobMaker subsidy scheme rewards business-owners for employing people under 35.

But for these teenage climate activists, there was one crucial measure for young people missing: funding for a green recovery out of the coronavirus economic crisis.  

“It just feels like we are being ignored,” year 12 student Ella Avni told SBS News. 

“Now that we’re trying to stand up and have a voice in what needs to happen so we can protect our futures, and the futures of our children, to hear that the government is not listening despite our demands is really disheartening.”

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