8 ways climate change is already impacting you

An artistic picture of a woman staring into a forest of dead trees with smoke billowing out of it, with a forest of living trees behind her
20 November 2020

We've been warned about climate change for so long that it feels familiar, a constantly looming spectre of doom up ahead. Like taxes or laundry, it's been a problem regularly designated to Future Us while we deal with the continuing trauma of Present Us.

Unfortunately, however, the future is now. It's laundry day, and climate change isn't coming. It's already here.

This may be difficult to fully appreciate from the comfort of your climate-controlled apartment. Global warming seems distant when you're safe indoors, rugged up for winter and nursing a mug of hot chocolate. But the holes we shove our heads in can't keep out the rising tide, and eventually we're going to drown if we don't take action.

In fact we're already swallowing water, and many of us don't even know it. Here are eight ways climate change is already affecting you.

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