Climate change, pandemics and 'fascist extremism' are among Australia's biggest security risks, says Home Affairs chief

A close-up image of Secretary of Home Affairs Department Mike Pezzullo
14 October 2020

Climate change, cyber-attacks, uncontrolled mass migration and the rise of "fascist extremist" groups are among the many risks Australia’s national security agencies need to be prepared for, according to Home Affairs Secretary Mike Pezzullo.

Giving a lecture at the Australian National University on Tuesday night, Mr Pezzullo outlined his vision for an "extended state" approach to protecting Australians, in which security concerns and protections are an integral part of how Australian institutions and organisations are designed and operate.

Mr Pezzullo said it's time to rethink the notion that Australia's national security is exclusively threatened by "the other", citing environmental threats and the coronavirus pandemic.

Read the full article on the SBS website, based on a speech that Mr Pezzullo gave at the Australian National University