CSIRO embraces transition to net zero emissions, “without derailing our economy”

CSIRO Chief Executive Dr Larry Marshall addresses the National Press Club in Canberra.
12 August 2020

The CSIRO says it will prioritise supporting Australia’s emerging green hydrogen industry, and planning for a transition to zero net emissions, as part of a set of new research ‘missions’ that will guide scientific agency’s response to Covid-19 and wider challenges faced by the Australian economy.

On Wednesday, the CSIRO unveiled a series of a dozen research ‘missions’ that will guide the agency’s work going forward, backed by $100 million a year in funding and which stretch across fields of research needed to tackle challenges that include climate change, Covid-19, more productive and resilient agricultural production and how to improve the value-adding of Australian resources.

“While COVID-19 will undoubtedly continue to disrupt, Australia will come together through this crisis and build a strong future in the process. We are calling for partners to join this Team Australia approach to solving what seem like unsolvable problems,” CSIRO chief executive Dr Larry Marshall said in a statement.

Key priorities included within these missions include growing Australia’s renewable hydrogen industry, as well as guiding a transition to zero net emissions “without derailing our economy”.

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