Farmers' climate groups brings expert advice in a time of isolation

A wheat field in Australia
7 May 2020

A forum aimed at building resilience and hope in rural communities is being brought to Wagga.

The Farmers for Climate Action, a group of farmers and rural leaders, will hold the virtual community resilience forum for Wagga people on Tuesday, May 12.

The forum will focus on how disasters impact communities, how to deal with the trauma associated with extreme weather events such as drought and what can be done to build a better future for the region.

Professor Mark Howden, the director of the Australian National University's Climate Change Institute, will appear at the forum

"With the increased risk of heatwaves, droughts, floods, frost and fire, regional communities like Wagga really are on the front line of climate change in Australia," he said.

"I'm looking forward to continuing my long-standing discussions with regional Australians about the challenges they face and what needs to be done to shore up a vibrant future for places like Wagga."

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