Julie Bishop: Coalition should lead world on climate despite 'missteps' on bushfires

Photograph: Dan Himbrechts/AAP Julie Bishop has said the Coalition made ‘missteps’ when responding to bushfires over the summer and has put Australian National University scientists at the government’s disposal.
6 February 2020

Australia “needs action on several fronts” following a catastrophic bushfire season, including leading international efforts against climate change and cutting emissions beyond the electricity sector, Julie Bishop has said.

Bishop, the incoming chancellor of the Australian National University, made the comments to Guardian Australia, offering to put the university’s disaster management experts and more than 300 climate scientists at the federal government’s disposal to provide “evidence-based” responses to the bushfires.

The former foreign minister and deputy Liberal leader started the ANU role in January but has postponed an event marking her appointment as the university responds to the outbreak of coronavirus and extreme weather including bushfires in the Australian Capital Territory and damage from a hailstorm.

Bishop said that “clearly there have been some missteps” in the federal government’s handling of the bushfires, adding she is “certain the government will reflect on recent events and learn from any missteps”.

“I as chancellor … have offered to assist the federal government in its bushfire recovery response,” she said.

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