Our Future || A new electricity grid for a new climate era

3 February 2020

Australia's horror bushfire season isn't over yet, but we know that the losses this summer will remain with us for decades.

As we rebuild, we must redesign all aspects of life for a hotter, drier, and more intense climate - including how we build and operate the power system.

We also need a system that tackles climate change - the major factor behind Australia's worsening extreme weather-by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Heatwaves, which are intensifying due to climate change, put stress on the power system. They drive up demand for power as everyone cranks up the air conditioning. The efficiency of coal, gas, and solar generators all decrease, making it harder to produce power.

Australia's ageing coal generators are also prone to tripping off unexpectedly due to heat stress, pushing whole states to the brink of blackouts.

The best way to address these challenges is to build new transmission lines across the country to connect new wind and solar farms, and strengthen the connection between the states.

Doing so boosts the supply of renewable energy (which is more heat resistant) and allows power to flow between the different parts of the country.

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