President Biden will send a very different climate wind our way

Joe Biden in a blue suit with a blue tie, looking towards the camera.
10 November 2020

On climate change, a very different wind will blow from Washington under President Biden. The Biden administration will recommit America to the Paris Agreement, take on a stronger medium-term emissions target and push other countries to do likewise.

The United States will likely take on a net-zero emissions target, joining China, the European Union, the UK, Japan, Korea and many other countries. Biden and Harris will seek to restore a lead role for America. The lack of a Senate majority will hamper their legislative and budget agenda, but they will use regulatory powers just like Obama did.

The Australian government’s refusal to commit to a net-zero emissions target or to strengthen our 2030 emissions target will go down badly in Washington. The mantra of "technology not targets" will not cut it. Yes, technology is crucial, US leadership will tell Australia – but you need policies to deploy that technology, and spell out ambitious goals for emissions reductions.

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