Is Scott Morrison’s gas plan a good idea for Australia?

A photograph of Hornsdale Power Reserve at Jamestown, South Australia. Wind turbines are spinning in the fields behind.
18 September 2020

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is willing to put millions of dollars into gas, which he says is crucial for Australia’s recovery but environmentalists believe it will instead put the country’s future at risk.

Mr Morrison announced three big changes in the past week that could see more gas produced, a new gas plant built, and investment money being diverted away from solar and wind and put towards other more polluting technologies.

In particular, Mr Morrison says the federal government will begin the process to build a new gas fired power station in NSW if private companies don’t come up with an alternative plan to generate 1000MW of electricity by April.

The Climate Council says the PM’s plans “stink” and that millions of taxpayer dollars will be wasted propping up the polluting gas industry, rather than investing in a plan that will actually rebuild the economy and protect Australians from long term threats.

It points out that gas is still a fossil fuel, which means the PM’s plan could worsen climate change, and could lock Australia into longer, more dangerous bushfire seasons, severe heatwaves and increased coastal flooding.

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