Sir Roland Wilson Foundation Scholar Symposium: climate change action amidst a pandemic

A cloudy sky reflected in a shallow lake
10 August 2020

What lessons can we draw from coronavirus to galvanise climate action?

SRW Board Chair, Dr Ken Henry, discussed this topic last week with panellists Professor Mark Howden, Professor John Hewson and Emma Herd.

Discussion centred on the stagnation of climate action and the lessons we can draw from coronavirus to strengthen climate policies.

“I know I am a failed politician,” said Former Liberal Party leader Professor John Hewson, “but most polls of the last 7 years show the majority of Australians support action on climate change and renewables”.

CEO of the Climate Investment Group, Emma Herd, added that on top of broad public support, renewables are an investment opportunity that will reshape global economies.

“Decarbonisation is one of the defining investment themes of this century, and will remain so even after COVID-19,” she said.

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