Climate change puts regional communities at risk, better regional planning needed: experts

2 February 2021

Regional communities anywhere near the bush are at increased risk of fire as the climate changes, and better planning is needed to avoid building in danger zones, experts warn.

A recent study found climate change made last year’s Black Summer bushfires worse, and predicted climate change would intensify the risk of similar events occurring in Australia’s south-east.

“There’s a whole range of ways that climate change is acting in south-east Australia to increase fire risk and that is something that will continue in the years ahead,” study lead author and ANU climate scientist Professor Nerilie Abrams told Domain. The review paper was published in the Communications, Earth and Environment journal.

Professor Abrams said communities located “anywhere near bush areas” would be at increased risk as a result.

“Those places are lovely to live in but there is an increased risk,” she said.

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