Research themes

The Climate Change Institute provides authoritative leadership on climate change research across a broad range of research themes.

Built environment & climate change »

The built environment is both an important contributor to climate change and increasingly vulnerable to our changing climate. It's important to take a systems approach and consider both climate mitigation and climate adaptation concurrently - there are both synergies and trade-offs between the two.

Business & climate change »

In the absence of transformative action on climate change by governments around the world, many parts of the business community are charging ahead with climate action, both through reducing their own emissions and adapting to current and projected changes to the climate.

Carbon dioxide removal »

With recent research highlighting that average global temperatures may exceed the 1.5C target as quickly as 2026, it's becoming apparent that reducing our greenhouse gas emissions is unlikely to be enough to prevent dangerous climate change.

Climate change & development in Asia & the Pacific »

Many countries in the Asia and Pacific region are incredibly vulnerable to climate impacts, particularly our Pacific island neighbours and low-lying Asian nations such as Bangladesh.

Climate change & the arts »

The arts can provide powerful ways to challenge, inform and engage people in conversations about climate change. Confronting climate change requires interdisciplinary approaches, and ANU artists are working with other researchers across the university to help bring climate change impacts and solutions to the fore.

Climate change psychology & communication »

Scientists have been aware of human-induced climate change for decades. Yet despite this knowledge, the world is not currently acting urgently enough to prevent dangerous climate change.

Climate policy, economics, international negotiations & law »

Researchers in this group are focused on institutional responses to climate change, covering both reducing greenhouse gas emissions (mitigation) and climate change adaptation.

Climate related extreme events and future scenarios »

As the world has warmed, due to anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, there has been a marked change in the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events.

Climate, energy, water, food, forestry, biodiversity & land nexus »

Food, energy, environment, biodiversity and water are critical systems to both people, ecosystems and landscapes.

Culture, society, gender & climate change »

Women are often portrayed as vulnerable to the impacts of climate change in Asia and the Pacific, with less information available about how to respond and adapt.

Earth systems »

Research on Earth systems considers processes of the atmosphere, ocean, cryosphere, biosphere and solid Earth, along with their interactions.

Health & climate change »

Addressing climate change will have numerous health benefits for our society.

Security & climate change »

Climate change will have major ramifications for international state and human security. It is already exacerbating tensions in areas of existing instability, increasing risks, changing the nature of conflict and acting as a threat multiplier.